Artist Spotlight: Weird Milk

Weird Milk

‘These guys are the next Beatles’ says Brad Ayres of indie rock group Blushes. I’m sceptical but intrigued by such a huge statement. Little do I know as four lads walk onto the stage that such a claim is not far off. This week’s Artist Spotlight focuses on none other than London’s indie dreamboats Weird Milk.

Weird Milk stick out from the other bands who are frequently popping up with ‘milk’ in their names. Their 60s inspired style is something so refreshing in the indie rock scene. Whilst other people definitely take inspiration from the era, no one does it like Weird Milk

Sitting on a healthy three singles, Weird Milk have left everyone wanting more. Whilst three tracks isn’t many, the worth of each song exceeds that of your average band. ‘This Close’ was their first single with B-Side ‘You’ and then later second single ‘All Night’. Weird Milk’s style is definitely reminiscent of The Beatles, but also a nostalgic inspiration from the likes of Alex Turner’s more calm and romantic work.

With jangly guitars, fun bass, and the most beautiful harmonies of quite possibly literal angels, Weird Milk have entirely set themselves apart. So quickly did I fall in love with this band and want to dance along to every track. Their lyrics feel hard hitting and their beautiful vocal harmonies only extend the power of the words.

The band have their new song ‘Better’ out on the 4th of May and we’re incredibly excited, as should you be.

Check them out live if you have a chance as their so tight as a band and official recordings of their tracks only prove that.

– photo by Steve Gullick –


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