Joe James Boyle releases dreamy track ‘Daze’

Joe James Boyle

Prepare to get swaying as London musician Joe James Boyle releases new dreamy track ‘Daze’.

Currently situated in Berlin, Boyle’s music revolves around Jagger and Bowie-esq vocals with a 90s guitar fuzz. The title of the track sums up his music pretty well.

Backed up by Istanbul born jazz drummer Deniz Terlan, Joe James Boyle`s music sounds like an outsider who’s decided to finally let all hell break loose.

While his sound is clearly quite unabashedly that of a 90s kid, heavily awash with guitars that scream, or moan The Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and Nirvana, all of which combine into a unique performance.

Speaking of the single, Boyle said: “Daze is about that feeling of being in love and by consequence, having utterly no idea what’s going on with your life.

“There’s a voice in the back of your head knowing that this is probably not a good thing, but this song is about enjoying and being bewildered by those moments before it might all go wrong.’

“After production was made through tape, got Gordon Raphael to mix it with me.”

His last show was at the infamous 8mm venue in Berlin, where the London born musician moved a few years ago. He’s preparing to play another big show in Berlin this month before going on tour abroad in autumn/winter when releasing his debut EP.

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