DMA’S bring out their soulful side on new track ‘In the Air’


DMA’S are a band hailing from Sydney. However, they have more in common with Manchester and Britpop, as their rollicking indie-rock combines melodic prowess with a massive wall of sound. Their debut album, ‘Hills End’ went Gold in Australia; it also became a word of mouth hit in the UK and saw them play to packed out crowds.

The band are back with ‘In the Air’, taken from their new album ‘For Now.’ The album is self-produced with the help of Kim Moyes from The Presets, resulting in a more mature effort.

Guitarist Jonny Took says of the new album: “Last time round, we were still working out what kind of band we wanted to be, and we still are.

“We still have that jangly rock ‘n’ roll aspect to it, but it’s also matured in other ways. It feels like a natural progression for the band.”

If ‘In the Air’ is anything, it’s definitely a progression. There are soulful elements in Tommy O’Dell’s vocals reminiscent of Richard Ashcroft, however, they still burst with grit and character at the forefront. It demonstrates that the band aren’t afraid to step outside their comfort zone.

The sweeping production is epic, heightened by layered guitars and synths, while the wispy drums add to the dream-like atmosphere. It shows off DMA’S ambition without losing the core element of their sound.

‘For Now’ is released on April 27th, with album preorders available here.

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