Wyldest release ‘-45’ ahead of new EP


London trio Wyldest have released their latest single, ‘-45’. The 80s-inspired synth pop band consists of Zoe Mead, Mariin Kallikorm, and Jack Gooderham. The band released their debut EP ‘Dark Matter’ in 2016; a collection of ethereal dream pop.

‘-45’ follows the release of the title track from the band’s upcoming EP: ‘Hitchhikers’. The title track resounds with 80s synth pop, firmly influenced by bands such as Depeche Mode. ‘-45’ is still heavily influenced by 80s pop, but taking more direction from moody shoegaze tracks, and bands like Tears for Fears.

The track opens with synth and enough guitar reverb to match the echoey harmonies and vocals throughout the track. Although lyrics are hard to decipher underneath the strong instrumental, the single is firmly in the trendy 80s dream-pop territory and would make for an ideal film soundtrack.

Wyldest’s ‘Hitchhiker’ EP is due to be released on September 29th.

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