Track Of The Year Nomination #3 – INHEAVEN


One of the main things that gets us music fans through our day to day routine is having an impeccable music playlist to hand. No matter what the occasion we all like to tailor a playlist to our liking. However, without the vital resource of new music, this simply wouldn’t be possible. Our sound of 2016 is one of the best we’ve had in recent years and owe a huge thank you to the musical talent supplying us with awesome tracks!

Indie rock quartet INHEAVEN have had an astonishing year in 2016. And we think particularly that their single ‘All There Is’ is worthy to be nominated for Track Of The Year 2016.

Fist-pumping verses with memorizing guitars and a teasing mesh of frothy indie and earworm pop.

Now they’re returning with a tour they are going to completely smash 2017 and we can’t bloody wait.


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