Artist Spotlight – Sisteray


East London four-piece Sisteray are a band that we feel deserves a lot more recognition for their immense enthusiasm and sheer passion for indie rock and punk rock.

The band’s new recording project entitled ’15 Minutes’, released 14th April on Vallance Records, takes its inspiration from the famous Andy Warhol quote, “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”.

Sisteray’s knack for effortless guitar riffs that burst with tuneful attitude. Their upbeat melodies and observations of 21st century Britain show a band not afraid to voice their disaffection towards the establishment and political elite.

With a strong message of unity and anti-establishment hints, songs like ‘Queen’s English’, adorned with elegant riffs and timeless bass lines. The ebullient ‘Nostalgia Trip’ featuring Sisteray’s punk influences, The Clash mixed with early Libertines, rousing guitar anthems with a social message, proving that Sisteray are the full package.

Guitarist Dan Connolly said: “Now more than ever, people seem to be given 15 minutes and 15 minutes only. It’s not an album and it’s not a single. It’s simply a statement about the times we are living in.”

Sisteray are Niall Rowan (vocals), Dan Connolly (guitar), Marco Polo (drums) and Mick Hanrahan (bass guitar).

Listen to the 15 minutes EP below.

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