2018 Ones To Watch #23 – Marsicans


Marsicans are ready for 2018. After coming off the back of numerous BBC air with two of their biggest tracks ‘Too Good’ and ‘Throw Ourselves In’, a tour with Clean Cut Kid and a headline tour on the horizon, these boys aren’t fuckin’ about. It wouldn’t be a 2018 ‘Ones to Watch’ list without undoubtedly the most exciting indie-pop band on the circuit.

“ICM, why do you cover these guys so much?”. A fair question. Since our birth three years ago, there’s been a couple of bands that we’ve connected on an emotional level. Our paths have very much intertwined. You could even say we’ve helped build each other up in a sense. We share a common goal. Take over the world.

When we saw the boys last, it was at the Sugarmill in Stoke-on-Trent. A couple of the ICM guys bumped into the lads outside the toilets of all places. “Oi oi big up ICM, taking over the fucking world” – said a member of the band. There’s always been a mutual respect. After talking about how crazy the year had been, we got onto the subject of Marsicans. One thing struck us all. There was passion. Excitement. A buzz. You could feel the promise with every word. The hype became a solid and it almost felt like the air around us was becoming lighter.

Words, of course, don’t mean a rats arse if they can’t be backed with action. Marsicans have it all figured out. A stage presence, a look, a stage layout, a set of moves, an array of vocals and songs that make your chest wanna burst with joy. Watching these guys perform is a joyous occasion. Don’t ever go to a Marsicans gig expecting an average Indie band. Not only will you be wrong, but you’ll be walking away as a fan of their music.

I could go on and on and lick the ever so colourful rectum of the four-piece from Leeds. Hell, I could go on all year about how they’re gonna capitalise on what could be their big break. But I’ll let them do the talking…

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