2017 Ones To Watch #10 – Vitamin


With 2016 over, we look ahead to what musical talent 2017 can offer, and with the masses of acts out there in the industry there is plenty for us to get excited about. Throughout January, ICM will be highlighting one new band each day and showing just why they should be on your music radar. Our 10th band is Vitamin.

Vitamin came under our radar when we saw them support Sundara Karma in October 2015 with a very 80’s style approach to their music. Since then, they have released two EPs ‘Giving It Up’ and ‘To Believe’ and are building up for their debut album.

Later releases ‘This Isn’t Love’ and ‘Waterfall’ are expected in the upcoming debut album, with frontman Jared saying in an interview with ICM that the album will be “3 words” and is a song that has already been released.

When Vitamin released the echoey track ‘Lights’, we knew they will have a bright future ahead of them. It whips you onto your feet thanks to the funky guitars in the poppy tune. The production is rich and lush, wrapping the funk-lite guitars and radio melodies in warm hues of pop saturation.

We will be announcing a new band every day throughout the entirety of January and the ICM long list will be announced on February 1 st.

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