Stoke on Trent’s finest Bonsai, release memorable ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’

Stoke on Trent’s finest Bonsai, release memorable ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’

Bonsai is a quintet that will never fail to amaze you, that’s for sure, a popular band with a likeable sound.

Influences from Catfish and the Bottlemen, and The Courteeners are infused in the track, Bonsai making it their own, twisting and contorting, until ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’ is near perfect. The tune has clear dynamics between dark and light tones throughout the whole song. With a slow, calm start it is the perfect build up to the ethereal chorus of ‘It’s alright not to be alright, It’s alright not to be okay’.

Bonsai are full of flavour and colour, with ‘Yesterdays Tomorrow’ being a song that will not leave your mind for the next few hours. They have the ability to mix a slow start, and a heavy chorus with the song still remaining intact, producing a pure track that is sure to raise the roof.

With their next event for Double Denim Live in Leeds, being special guests alongside Kid Luna, they are gaining popularity all over the UK already. Throughout the highly competitive music industry, Bonsai are making their mark, and my god, aren’t they making it known? In a short amount of time, they will be taking on the world.

If they are like this on a small scale, who knows what is in store for Bonsai when they make it huge? It’s nearing with every minute, and we can’t wait.

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