Song Of The Week: Selahphonic – Gold


Hailing all the way from the beautifully sunny Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia is indie pop quartet Selahphonic and they are this week’s Song Of The Week with ‘Gold’.

Taken from their latest EP, ‘Therapy’ the unsigned lads; Jamie Coyle, Tim Doecke, Joel Boldero, Dave Meikle infectiously blend 80’s synthesizers and chimney guitars scream the birth of an indie pop love children in the peak of summertime.

‘Gold’ offers a unique brand of electronic-infused indie pop and a heavy bass line is a striking sound makes me feel alone walking along the beach letting the waves crash up against your legs, giving an insight to the bands personal lives.

Frontman and main songwriter, Jamie Coyle describes the creative and recording process behind ‘Therapy’;

“This EP was written with the intent of providing a very personal insight into my life – I wanted the listener to feel they’ve just picked up my personal diary, baring my soul for all to see. It includes themes of loss,

“It includes themes of loss, disappointment and highlights that time doesn’t always heal wounds. The whole creative process ended up being a catharsis; hence the title ‘Therapy’.”

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