Palm Honey Release ‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’ EP

Palm Honey

Palm Honey kick started their music career in 2015 when they released their debut track, ‘Bewitched’. So far the track has amassed over 11,000 plays on Spotify which is good going considering they have 18,000 monthly streaming listeners.

‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’ which was released earlier today boasts a 4-track listing:

  1. Palace
  2. Stick the Knife In
  3. Going Normal
  4. I Can Try

‘Palace’ offers a dreamy indie synth pop intro into the EP with a progressive build up of kick drums merged with prolonged vocals. ‘Abstracts are the patterns in my mind’. ‘Palace’ can take you away. When the hook kicks in 1 minute an 1 second into the EP, it truly distinguishes itself as a potential indie favourite. ‘Palace’ takes an unexpected turn however with what I believe is brass instruments throughout. Although, it is a pleasant unexpected turn to the say the least.

The second track on ‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’ is ‘Stick the Knife In’. It takes a steadier approach to ‘Palace’ and starts to incorporate a more guitar central approach. The dreamy and translucent vocals still occur encapsulating you in this immersive world Palm Honey has created, very fitting to the EP title. Towards the end of ‘Stick the Knife In’ the song absolutely explodes! I’m already imagining the mosh pits!

‘Going Normal’ sees Palm Honey a bit more explorative with the synths which we are exposed to in ‘Palace’. With a continual synth hook throughout, we once again take a slower approach within the EP. ‘Going Normal’ has the boldest vocals which can come across as explosive it parts. A true potential for a harmonic sing-along classic.

Lastly on the ‘Tucked into the Electronic Wave’  EP we are introduced to the short track, ‘I Can Try’ which only lasts for 7 minutes and 52 seconds… The on-off track picks the pace up again and brings the listener back to speed. With guitar riffs a plenty, ‘I Can Try’, offers an intricate indie-pop track that fluctuates between influences and tempo in a similar style to Queen’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’.

I understand that comparing Palm Honey to the likes of Queen is a huge statement. But I certainly believe Palm Honey should be credited for the creativity, ingenuity and explorations across their new EP.

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