New Music Alert: Alt-J – Cold Blood


You won’t have cold blood after dancing to this tune all night I love alt-J.

I really, really do love Alt-J. Their raw ballsiness is so apparent in their music, with different sounds thrown around like sweets in a pick and mix tub. Cold Blood, a teaser from Relaxer (Out 2nd June) is yet another great song that old fans and new will love.

However – Trying to put their music into words can be just a tad difficult, as their sound can shift so much within just one song, let alone from album to album. This differentiation is super apparent in Cold Blood, as instruments and sounds fade in and out seemingly at will.

An obvious piece of evidence for this is the horns, giving a tremendously wide feeling to the song when used in tandem with string bends on the guitar tracks. Add in some trademark understated percussion and you have a song that carries the rhythm through the guitar/bass just as much as the drums, a keystone of alt-J’s music.

At around the 2:45 mark there is quite possibly the silkiest key change I have ever heard – period. alt-J really know how to build a song out of anything, and this tune is just one more to support that. Roll on 2nd June!

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