Nathan Ball shares new single ‘Drifting’

Nathan Ball

London based artist Nathan Ball has released a new haunting, self-reflective single ‘Drifting’.

A momentary departure from his fully formed band sound, ‘Drifting’ takes things back to relative basics. “I can see it in your eyes, I can see that you’re not right” Nathan sings alongside a simple yet, affecting guitar line. Stirring, atmospherics accompany the songwriting – creating a hugely moving overall experience.

Returning to the UK with a handful of fresh ideas and song demos, Nathan threw himself into crafting his sound. Writing and recording, he gathered a band around him including co-writer and producer Max Radford, and began playing show after show.

Speaking on the lyrical meaning behind the track, Nathan said: “It’s a really personal song about self-reflection, exploring the idea of seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes, knowing something isn’t right but feeling there’s nothing you can do about it.”

Now based back in London, he finds the perpetually evolving panorama of the city both chaotic and enchanting. Continually working on fresh material, he’ll then listen to it as he journeys around the metropolis, adjusting it as he goes. “When I write a song I’ll email it to myself and then listen to it in a bunch of different environments the tube or in the car,” says Ball. “I guess I’m imagining playing it in front of a crowd on the road and asking if it’s provocative and has heart.”

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