New Music Alert: Foster The People – Loyal Like Sid & Nancy

New Music Alert: Foster The People – Loyal Like Sid & Nancy

The LA-born fourpiece release brand new single ‘Loyal Like Sid & Nancy’ and it’s perhaps their most confusing single to date.

Besides the obvious Sex Pistols references, this track couldn’t get more complex with its genre-hopping verses and noticeable vocal change.

Initiating with a sense of deep and dark sadistic energy, it sees industrial trap beats and bass lines as the underlying foundation on which the remainder of the song is formed. In an effective way, the track is half grunge punk (maybe as a nod to Sid and Nancy) and half chart-topping summer dance with a dash of hip-hop and jazz influences thrown on top for good measure.  It’s as if the track starts out as Die Antwoord and finishes with Disclosure and The Black Eyed Peas.

The track is a narrative of the destructive and chaotic relationship of Sid Vicious and Nancy Sungen and sits perfectly as the next instalment in Foster The People’s stray of new sounds. As a whole, the new tracks from Foster The People carry a neon rose tinted theme with a persona of alternative pop-rock and mild drum and bass.

Regardless of the new genre pogoing and the undeniable change from the earlier records, at its core, ‘Loyal Like Sid & Nancy’ is undoubtedly a song fit for the summer and highlights the immense talents of such a distinctly iconic band.

‘Loyal Like Sid & Nancy’ is the fourth single to be released from Foster The People’s upcoming third album, ‘Sacred Hearts Club’, set for release on 21st July.

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