Luna Bay arrive with style in ‘Hometown’

Luna Bay

With a nice run of festival appearances about to commence, the purveyors of sparkling indie pop that are Luna Bay have served up something with summer in mind in their latest offering, ‘Hometown’.

Our third look at what the London-based troupe are all about, their new single has already enjoyed the same kind of buzz generated by the preceding release ‘Smoke & Mirrors’, which got that all-coveted play on Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show, and was hailed as “dark and dreamy” in our review last year.

What quickly strikes you about this one, though, is just how much it evokes memories of the tragically taken Viola Beach.

With its catchy hooks and jangly guitars, it’s all very much in that same vein of jocund, sunkissed, light rock that seems designed to be played out in the long evenings of festival season.

The lyrical side of things, meanwhile, see lead singer Connor O’Mara musing over the heavy heart that comes with leaving a lover behind, and spell out his promises of a return in the future, adding a sense of sanguinity that keeps in tow with the upbeat flavour of the track.

And while it won’t be long until these boys are rolling into your hometown, your best chance of catching them while we enjoy anything resembling nice weather will be at Y Not and Truck festival – so if you’ll be there, you’d be doing no wrong in a little trip to Luna Bay.


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