Artist Spotlight: Tipling Rock

Tipling Rock, Indie Music, Indie Pop

I’m a sucker for this type of indie music, the bouncy vibes and feel good guitar licks have the unique ability to cheer me up even when is looks like Hurricane Sandy’s bigger sister is looming in the clouds.

Tipling Rock is the latest band to take this genre and create tracks that hit all the right spots. Listening to Tipling rock on shuffle is like downing a full pint of Pimms, incredibly refreshing and leaves you feeling a bit fizzy and jolly.

The band have just released a new track called ‘Staring’ it’s a brilliant track with Hawaiian style guitars and cheerful summer lyrics. This joins their portfolio of other songs which all echo the same vibe, have a listen to them bellow, they have become one of my favourites, any they could just become yours too.

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