Artist Spotlight: Great Grandpa

great grandpa

There’s an unspoken difference between indie music from the UK and indie music from America. The difference between for instance; Blur and Weezer. It’s a struggle to define exactly what makes them different but there’s by no means anything that makes American indie worse. For this week’s Artists Spotlight we look at one of these incredibly talented American indie bands: Great Grandpa.

Great Grandpa come from one of America’s greatest musical cities, Seattle. Home to Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, and even Macklemore, it’s no surprise that Seattle has thrown another incredible band at us.

The quintet started off back in 2014 as a four-piece before picking up a fifth member and solidifying their incredible style. Focusing around the alt-rock vibes of the 90s with a bit of noise and ‘offset by a love of math rock’ these guys are absolutely bringing back Weezer vibes mixed with the modern sensibilities of Cherry Glazerr.

Their debut EP ‘Can Opener’ was released in 2015 which is this incredible collection of grungy warm pop rock. Weird mix of genres, but it entirely works and their someone you can fall for instantly. The group released their debut album in 2017 ‘Plastic Cough’ which is an incredible exploration into this DIY bedroom indie rock style they’ve become known for. With various effects and moments of brief explosions, Great Grandpa will keep you on your toes and are so enjoyable to listen to.


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