Artist Spotlight: Blushes

Artist Spotlight: Blushes

It’s been a while since I’ve really developed a love for a dreamy indie rock band; that’s where Blushes come in. This week’s Artist Spotlight is the four piece from Aylesbury who frankly I’ve had a hard time pinpointing a solid comparison to. That in my opinion is an instant proof that this band have nailed an individual sound.

Originating back in 2016, Blushes are currently sitting on a perfect starting discography of 3 singles and an EP (released in April). Since then the band have been performing all over the country what seems like almost non stop, I’m frequently seeing posts about new tours or shows from the group which is always great to see.

The debut EP ‘Private Viewing’ was something special though. From the get go the first song ‘Blame it on the Weather’ instantly made me fall in love. Somewhere between The XX and Peace’s ‘1998 (Delicious)’, this first track nailed a perfect mix of dreamy/indie/psych/rock/pop. Then in an almost hard cut, we have a track that could be an instant pop-y hit with ‘To The Bone’. This EP is consistently incredible, with varying vibes but somehow managing to brilliantly stay together as a coherent collection of music.

The melodic perfectly harmonising vocals appearing over the top of Blushes’ dreamy indie riffs can send you into a trance where you’re entirely engrossed in the music and only the music. You’ll want to listen to their music over and over again without getting bored. It’s unique and something that’s ready to just take off. Take this as the sign.


Bradley Ayres – Vocals, Guitar
Jacob Price – Drums, Percussion
Tiffany Evans – Vocals, Synthesizer
Sonny Ford – Guitar


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