Two Door Cinema Club share their original debut EP

Two Door Cinema Club

“Some of their tunes are massive, they deserve to be huge”

That’s what a fan said as he leaves the venue of Two Door Cinema Club’s first ever show. Now they have decided to surprise us by re-issuing their first ever EP into the world properly and now look at them. They are huge!

‘Four Words To Stand On’ was entirely self-funded, recorded in Alex’s garage when the band could get out of homework following school in their home-town, Donaghadee. The five-track EP was initially handed out at live shows, limited to just 500 copies and a decade later, they are one of the best bands in their generation.

Three of the songs were later re-recorded for the debut album ‘Tourist History’, and it’s kind-of special to look back and see how far they’ve come. The old-but-new EP also includes two new tracks called ‘New Houses’ and ‘Standing On Ghosts’. The band advertise the new tracks on Spotify by a message, ‘Listen to teenage Two Door’. This is an exciting addition to the trio’s already expansive discography. ‘Four Words To Stand On’ highlights how far the band have come in the last decade.

‘New Houses’ does not show much of the naivety of the three demos featured on the EP. Instead, it highlights the beauty of Alex’s vocals and the joyous instrumental which is almost synonymous with the Irish band nowadays. Whereas ‘Standing On Ghosts’ is busy with many layers but still holds true to the notorious style which we have all come to know and love.

Showing an incredibly young Two Door Cinema Club at work in their makeshift studio, it’s a captivating watch – from their teen angst and immaturity to the developed, matured and polished Two Door Cinema Club we saw through Gameshow in late 2016.

100 signed and numbered screen prints of the original EP artwork will be made available on March 26th via the band’s website.

Two Door Cinema Club will be performing exclusively at Community Festival on 1 July as well as extensively across Europe this summer.

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