The Shipbuilders release new single ‘Fault Line’

The Shipbuilders

Four Liverpool lads, Matty, Danny, Nicky and Graeme make up the so-called “gypsy scouse surf” quartet as they release their groovy new single ‘Fault Line’.

Just as a river beats its own path, The Shipbuilders forged their own place in the musical landscape.

By being bold and unique, the band have an array of gritty guitar elements, as well as an awesome trumpet sound effect as the carefree drums shimmer a groovy and momentous beat.

By mining the innocent, blue-eyed melodies of The Everly Brothers and ghosts of Mersey-past, enveloping them in the fuzz and chaos of Galaxie 500. The Shipbuilders have created an aural universe that begs to be explored.

On the back of 2017’s ‘Something in the Water EP’, The Shipbuilders release their new double A-Side ‘Fault Line/Wild Atlantic Way’ via Mai 68 Records (purchase here) in 2018 and continue to establish their reputation.

The band are:
Matty Loughlin-Day – Vocals, guitars
Danny Lee – Guitars
Nicky McGrane – Bass
Graeme Sullivan – Drums

Tour dates:
18th May – 24 Kitchen Street, Liverpool .
Playing live before the Charlatans Live Screening
19th May – St Marys Church w/ The Longcuts, Tea Street Band,
St Jude the Obscure, Chemistry Lane, Dirty Laces
16th June – Zanzibar, Liverpool
22nd June – Telfords Warehouse, Chester
13th July – The Castle , Manchester

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