The Roosevelts return with a new image and sound on ‘Do You Want Me?’

The Roosevelts

Nashville-based duo The Roosevelts released their new single ‘Do You Want Me?’ as they make a grand return.

Since the release of their LP ‘The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn’ their lead singer left the band, their new singer Mitchell Kilpatrick (Guitar/Lead Vocals) and guitarist Jason Kloess prompted the band to write in a more contemporary alternative pop direction.

‘Do You Want Me?’ brings out a fresh new look in their sound and stage presence. The single is the perfect summer anthem with warming vocals and 90’s anthemic feel. This similar to that of UK bands Deco and Eliza and the Bear.

Speaking about the track the band said: “We started writing this with the idea of meeting/seeing someone you’re attracted to and wondering if they feel the same.

“In the modern age of dating, seeing someone across the room, approaching them and asking them out is not as common as it used to be and we feel that this song captures that moment of excitement and curiosity.”

It’s such a fun and playful song, you could certainly see this being added to summer playlists. Keep an eye on this duo as there’s plenty more to come.

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