The Amazons @ The Rescue Rooms

The Amazons press

The Amazons are mid-way through their world tour to celebrate their self-titled debut album which was released back in June of this year. The band arrived in Nottingham, supported by The Pale White, who also released their debut EP at the end of last month.

The Pale White warmed up the crowd with songs such as ‘Reaction’, arguably their most popular song, and ‘Downer’, which has recently gained publicity on Radio 1 and Radio X. With them they brought huge amounts of enthusiasm which radiated out into the crowd, preparing them for the main act ahead.

The Amazons entered the stage with an impressive light show, performing ‘Ultraviolet’. The crowd roared with excitement and no sooner had the band begun performing than the moshing started. Singer, Matt Thomson, later switched to an electric acoustic guitar to perform ‘Holy Roller’. He described this particular show as “special” due to being the first venue to sell out in just a day; his appreciation for the audience was reflected in the high-energy atmosphere and the level of enjoyment from everybody present.

Towards the end of their ninety minute set, the band exited the stage whilst the crew set up a keyboard in preparation for ‘Palace’. Thomson entered the stage alone, with guitarist Chris Alderton joining him halfway through. The atmosphere was a stark contrast to that created by previous songs. The audience halted their singing and moshing and instead the whole room was filled with dreamy melodies which were listened to intently.

The band closed with the favourite of many fans, ‘Junk Food Forever’. Audience participation by this point had reached its optimum with almost everybody in the room joining in. The crowd were clearly impressed by the show put on by the band, with one of them mumbling behind me “These guys should definitely be playing at a bigger venue”.  In my personal opinion, their performance has to be one of the best that I have seen so far at a smaller venue and I am very excited to see what the band does next.

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