The Van T’s return with ‘Bittersweet’

The Van T's

Scottish four piece, and incredibly fun indie rockers, The Van T’s are back with their new single ‘Bittersweet’.

A promising intro of steady guitar and drums builds up into the incredibly catchy and dance-worthy riffs of The Van T’s latest track. The instantly recognisable voice chimes in and draws you in straight away. ‘Bittersweet’ is certainly The Van T’s all over, it’s enjoyable and you can tell its filled with power.

However, it feels like this track holds back that power slightly in the recording. It does seem like this only the recording, in fact, this song is yet another incredible track from the group. It’s evident that this is one for the live shows but this is no way a bad thing. Fuzzy guitar and ravenous drum beats blast through and the harmonised vocals are a blessing on our eardrums.

For those who’re unaware, The Van T’s are a four piece from Scotland comprising of two twins, Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson¬†and two other members, Joanne Forbes and Shaun Hoodtwins. The name comes from the twin’s names and is short for “The Van Twins”. They’ve had an incredible set of releases including a Flying Vinyl release and several incredible singles since. We reviewed their last release here. The group are currently up for a Best Live Act award in Scotland to absolutely no surprise.

We’re excited to see what more this incredible group can give us in the future. ‘Bittersweet’ is definitely a new favourite, and has been in my head all week.

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