The Academic share new track ‘Bear Claws’

The Academic

The Academic appear to have been prepped for music careers from the get-go; their new track ‘Bear Claws’, released only a few days ago on Spotify, first embraced the powers of YouTube several years ago when the boys where but 17 years old.

Craig (entertaining the responsibility of lead vocals and guitar within the band) mentioned previously in an interview that they didn’t want to lose the youthfulness found in some of their older songs, written in bedrooms brainstorming the troubles of teen lives that seem ever so important at the time.

The four lads founding the Irish indie rock band The Academic have smashed it with this new release; there’s a certain spontaneity and dynamism to this track defining its miraculous mood-lifting quality, boasting an irresistibly catchy chorus that you’d feel guilty not singing along to. It’s one of those holiday anthems that will have you itching to raise the volume.

On that note, Craig has also previously declared the band’s resistance to shying away from catchy choruses. All the more reason to add it to your playlist, eh?

As admirers of the works of Noel Gallagher and Arctic Monkeys, the guys have really cracked the key to producing a tune of great stamina and eminence – to break it down, I reckon this track gives NG a run for his money.
With a chorus derived of gleeful chants of ‘I’ll never let you go’ and a motif surrounding the song’s title, The Academic have enhanced their repertoire of feel-good tunes with a sentimental vibe and some shrewdly choreographed instrumental work. Powerful riffs ornament the solitary drum beats placed strategically at core moments within the cleverly devised lyrics; ‘you don’t have to be cool to make me shiver’ being a personal favourite of mine.

The lads have a tour coming up in autumn for any lucky Americans who happen to be going, however, no news as to anything more local or recent, so keep your ears open guys, it’s worth giving them a listen.

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