Superfood release new single ‘Unstoppable’


Unstoppable by name. Most certainly by nature. It can be only that of Superfood.

‘Unstoppable’ is the track that bonds the Birmingham group as an entirely different band to the one you previously knew, a new and reformed sound, that catapults them into the stratosphere of class A talent. if you’re thinking even for a second that they are going to disappoint, you are wrong.

Built around a huge bass line, the song is new, fresh, and something not to be questioned. Except, what is the song really about, as catchy as it is?

The band described the song about the feeling of drinking about 16 pints (Wow!), it perfectly captures that daze where anything feels possible when you’re that drunk. If the subject of the song doesn’t make you want to go to your local and have a euphoric night, then what else can? The band’s new album ‘Bambino’ is sure to have a few hangovers from this joyous tune. Superfood sound like they’re on top of the world, just like how you feel listening to their banger.

Superfood now has their world as their oyster, and they know exactly what to do with it, become unstoppable.

The track listing for their new album is as follows:

1. Where’s The Bass Amp?
2. I Can’t See
3. Unstoppable
4. wibble mtn
5. Natural Supersoul
6. Need A Little Spider
7. Raindance
8. c is for colour
9. Double Dutch
10. Shadow
11. lov
12. Witness
13. Clo Park


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