Sløtface drop new single ‘Pitted’


Norway’s Sløtface have released their new single ‘Pitted’ ahead of their debut album ‘Try Not To Freak Out’.

The song is a ferocious, spirited introvert’s anthem about not wanting to go out, but having the greatest night when you do.

Spiced up with some crazy jazz horns (from Norwegian jazz musician Simen Kiil Halvorsen) and perky guitars but vocalist doesn’t want to go out. “those nights when I’d rather stay home but I make it out the door,” then next thing you know she’s dancing to Queen B (Beyonce) and playing “Marry Fuck Kill with every actor that’s ever played James Bond.”

“Pitted is our own little pep talk for getting out of the house when you would really prefer to stay in and chill on the couch.” The band explains. “No, not every night out is killer, but sometimes those nights make the best stories and that song is full of good stories from bad nights out.”

‘Try Not To Freak Out’ is out September 15th and available to pre-order here.

Speaking on the video release, vocalist Haley Shea said: “It’s basically our pep talk anthem for getting yourself out of the house for a night out. The lyrics are all snap shots from good nights out that we’ve had and we really think the way the song progresses represents the way a memorable night of partying feels.”

Bassist Lasse Løkoy, went on to say: “Many of our adventures as a band are mentioned in the lyrics of ‘Pitted’. It seemed natural to make a video about these adventures. And after being a band in five years we have a lot of stupid footage on our cellphones of each other doing stupid stuff. So why not share it with everyone? Also we felt like the lo-fi footage sits well with the vibe of the song.”

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