Palm Ghosts release ‘Who Knew Me Better Than You?’

Palm Ghosts

Palm Ghosts is an Indie/ Dream Pop band based in Nashville who have just released their second single ‘Who Knew Me Better Than You?’

The single is taken from their forthcoming record ‘Architecture’ which will be released next month.

The five-piece is comprised of Joseph Lekkas (Bass & Vocals), Erica Whitney Wilkes (Vocals & Keyboards, Ben Douglas (Guitar & Keyboard, Jason Springman (Guitar) and Rene Lambert (Drums).

Influenced by Echo and The Bunnymen, The Cure and Dead Can Dance, Palm Ghosts’ new single’s groovy and psychedelic-like guitar lines set the song on an incredible cinematic soundscape with the help of dreamy instrumentals and a melodic beat.

Talking about the release, the band said: “Who Knew Me Better Than You? is the second single from our forthcoming record, Architecture, due out June 9th on Ice Queen Records, but the first song written for the LP.

“The song signalled a change for the band from the electro-laced dream pop of former singles to darker post-punk leanings.”

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