Left-Handed Jacket return with new single ‘Not First But Last’

Left-Handed Jacket

Hailing from the palm-studded streets of South Florida, Left-Handed Jacket finally follow up their debut EP with ‘Not First But Last’.

Providing a unique breed of indie sound waves for your dancing pleasure. Since their ‘Last Call’ EP in 2016, the band have had their fair share of troubles.

Struggle, change, growth, and after a short relapse, a soul-searching voyage, and a lineup change, they are ready to “earn their place in the Miami music scene” according to frontman Raul Crespo.

The indie rock trio Raul Crespo (vocals & bass), Gilbert Rodriguez (guitar) and Jon Bedoya (drums) formed in 2015 when Raul’s life had taken a turn for the worse and his drug addiction finally had him on the ropes.

“I had a moment of clarity and asked myself what I was really doing with my life. That’s when I decided to get clean and focus on what really matters to me— music.” Recalls Crespo.

Left-Handed Jacket have taken their groove down a notch, pulling out funky bass lines and duelling guitar riffs over a shimmer of drums.

Drawing influence from disco and funk legends of the past, Not First But Last is Left-Handed Jacket’s ode to real modern love, showing a world where just because two people may have their own histories, doesn’t mean they can’t create a beautiful future together.

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