Fuzzy Sun bring melodic harmonies and upbeat disco on debut EP ‘Want Love’

Fuzzy Sun

Fuzzy Sun are a melodic pop band from Stockport. They incorporate everything from synth-pop to disco in their music, resulting in some delicious harmonies. These are present on the band’s debut EP, ‘Want Love’ which was released earlier this year. It’s an EP that shows their penchant for songwriting, with catchy melodies all over the board.

It opens with the superb title track. It’s a funky disco banger, which has its roots in the 70s, but the overlapping melodic synths give it a fresh twist. The soaring vocals, particularly in the chorus: “Tell me you want love” invite the listener into an atmospheric feelgood paradise. The tremolo effect on the synths in ‘Sad’ gives the track a slow, melancholic effect. It’s relaxing and chilled out, showing that the band are attuned to how their music connects with the listener. The way the vocal lines sync with the melody is brilliant to listen to, showing the strength of the harmonies.

‘After All This Time’ brings things back up to a funky tempo, with a bassline that will make the listener groove. It also features a dark-sounding synth, while vocally there’s a lot of notes involved, making the track fun to sing along to and putting a smile on your face.

Listening to ‘Want Love’ is a fun, upbeat experience. It shows Fuzzy Sun’s positive approach to songwriting, while the support from John Kennedy and BBC 6 Music signals big things are on the way.

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