EP Review: Tom Grennan – Release the Brakes

Tom Grennan

Miracles can come in many shapes and forms; luckily, this is one that can be acknowledged by anyone with an ear for lyrics dense in eloquence and rich acoustic guitar, not to mention the addictive vocal magnificence Tom Grennan has consistently demonstrated. Far beyond his years in the experiences depicted within the subject matters effortlessly discussed between songs, a new found respect for Grennan as an artist surfaces upon the listening of the album; these tracks are honestly so beautifully crafted and seemingly an outlet to pent up passion, this second EP, ‘Release the Brakes’, is undebatably equally infectious in comparison to his debut.

The vast quantity of musical knowledge displayed in this album could be the result of tedious evenings spent trying to perfect each aspect of the songs or it could naturally find itself present in his work, but either way Grennan has managed to create atmospheres of tension and suspense in tunes such as ‘Giving It All’, an abundance of sentimental vibes in ‘This Is the Age’, and a more relaxed and somewhat cheerful feel to ‘Patience’; this ability to manipulate moods is easily one of Grennan’s major selling points, and has made for an impressive repertoire of songs for the artist.

The inescapable catchiness that makes each track a literal religious experience to listen to gives me the impression that this isn’t the last we’ll hear from the artist; soon enough the tracks will be blasted from radios and who knows what’ll follow suit.


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