EP Review: The Night Café – Get Away from the Feeling

The Night Cafe

The Liverpool lads of The Night Café have released their new EP ‘Get Away from the Feeling’.

Once again put themselves on the map with singles, ‘Strange Clothes’ and ‘Mixed Signals’ have gone down extremely well with everyone. To somewhat resembling the works of The Sherlocks with its punchy introduction, yet maintaining their abundance of unique quirks, the new release sits perfectly within the indie pop/rock spectrum; hitting a sublime sweet spot somewhere between sticking with the crowd, and completely pushing the boat out, they have worked to exhibit their boundless attitude to songwriting.

A masterful mix of indie-pop and indie-rock, in the simplest form possible. ‘Mixed Signals’ has taken tempo down a notch to share with us a journey through the heartbreak of a shattered relationship. Building-up on their catchy indie-pop formula by adding a few more raucous beats into the mix, creating something even more attention-grabbing than ever before.

Something so compelling about this band is the combined flawlessness of Sean Martin’s voice and the instrumental aspect of their music. Obviously, this rule doesn’t always apply but, with a lot of current indie bands (not to call any out of course), their voice-to-instrument talent ratio isn’t always of an outstanding balance, but The Night Café have outdone themselves by astonishingly hitting a happy medium.

With a glimpse of faded drums to open the tune, ‘You Change With The Seasons’ eases into a more solid and undiluted application, a bold statement about the ambiance is already being made. Maneuvering comfortably into the bulk of the track, choppy electric guitar accents the backbone drum beat allowing for the focus to shift to the euphonic vocals.

‘Strange Clothes’ is accommodative of the band’s flair of ingenuity, with the abstract nature of the song mirrored by the distorted voice of the guitar, and the cover art for the single, which is not normally mentioned in track reviews but I thought it was too eye catching to overlook; it seems that the boys don’t just have a creative eye for music, but photography too.

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