Bruised Orange release debut single ‘So It Goes’

Bruised Orange

There’s a new collaborative project on the block between London and Brighton as Bruised Orange share their debut single ‘So It Goes’.

The quartet, Thomas Curtis-Horsfall (vocals), Alexander Waterson (guitar), James Erskine (guitar) and Josh Cook (bass) take their name from John Prine’s 1978 album of the same title as they draw in a range of 60’s and 70’s psychedelic influences.

‘So It Goes’ is one extensive long-jam, the melody is chilled out and dreamy whilst the guitar chords are hit with a sense of pride and passion.

Speaking about the track, they said: “I prefer to write lyrics and create stories from specific moments or memories I’ve experienced in my own life, and in that respect, I guess it’s incredibly introspective.

“Still, I think people can still associate with the lyrics whether or not they consider it an ode to a previous relationship, or an internal struggle that is relatable. I guess in that respect, I’m influenced by Neil Young in particular.”

Expect more from Bruised Orange as their debut EP is slated for release later in the year.

You can find Bruised Orange on Facebook and Instagram.

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