BOYS get blissful on summery new track ‘Hollywood’


BOYS are a dream pop band from West London. They’ve earned a reputation for creating hazy shoegaze tracks reminiscent of summer while utilizing their pop sensibilities perfectly. Earlier this month, they released a new track, ‘Hollywood’, a dreamy track that gets the heart racing.

The guitars are pushed up high in the mix, enhancing their impact. It’s a throwback to bands such as My Bloody Valentine and Lush while offering a refreshing twist. The melody is addictive and drives the track forward. The vocals are hazy and buried in the mix. However, this works very well as it adds to the atmospheric soundscape.

It’s a blissful piece of music that relaxes the listener, showing a progression in BOYS’s songwriting. With their reputation on the rise, I’m sure we’ll hear more from them in the near future.

– Photo Credit: Horatio Earl Monge –

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