Bill Nickson releases melancholic single ‘What To Say’

Bill Nickson releases melancholic single ‘What To Say’

‘What To Say’ is an apologetic tale of lost and found as Bill Nickson softly portrays a sad tale in his latest single released exclusively on SoundCloud.

The self described DIY Bedroom artist from the lonely Wirral in the UK is a solo artist with huge prospects and an uncanny relation to some of the great modern era shoegaze artists that have swoon the indie boys and girls alike.

Taking clear inspiration from the likes of Mac DeMarco and Weezer with his impish underbelly of the indie genre, Bill has yet to break through as the force to be reckoned with that I so truly think he deserves.

With only a few hundred likes to his name, Bill has already received high appraisal from the likes of Clash Magazine and various media outlets who are latching onto his likeable easy-listening tracks and branding him as a cult favourite for fans of the genre in the foreseeable future.

You can listen to his newly released track below:

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