Black Honey announce debut album and release new single

Black Honey

Black Honey have been releasing tracks for years. In fact, they’ve been a group even longer than they’ve been releasing music.

The band officially started releasing music (through Spotify) in 2015, but I’ve been following Black Honey slightly longer and tracks have witnessed the bands progression through released tracks that were taken down, or tracks never released are still something I remember today.

Now after several years, their debut album is announced and it’s come with new single “I Only Hurt the Ones I Love”.

‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’ is the first track to be released from the Brighton babes’ self-titled debut album. With the recent track ‘Bad Friends’, fans have been unsure where the sound of the act is going.

‘Bad Friends’ hit at a more dark/alt-pop style than their Americana indie rock they’ve become known for. ‘I Only Hurt the Ones I Love’ I believe has set their style in stone. The track has blended both styles beautifully, with hints of the dark pop backed with passion by their indie rock roots.

It’s only made me more excited by this album, something I’ve been waiting for what feels like an age. Its a powerhouse track that really nails all of their vibes on the head and couldn’t be a more perfect choice to tease the album.

With the announcement of the album and pre-order the band had this to say in a Facebook post.

Pre-order is available here: 

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