BDRMM release new single ‘Territorial Kissing’


If you like dreamy, hazy and chill-wave music, you’ll absolutely love BDRMM (Bedroom), aka Ryan Smith’s, new rework called ‘Teritorial Kissing’.

Having already been described to the likes of bands such as Blood Orange and Beach Fossils, BDRMM is already working his way up the indie charts. His sound can only be described as serene and dreamy with hints of psych and orchestral elements as well. crike

‘Teritorial Kissing’ is a follow up from Smith’s debut EP ‘CRIKE’. The track starts off slow with a female backing voice sampled of ‘Garageband’, again recorded off his iPhone like with single ‘Everything’.

The interesting thing about this single, not just the fact that it was released on an iPhone, but all elements of the song are so clear and crisp that it is almost impossible to tell. ‘Teritorial Kissing’ has ghost-like vocals and instrumentals that make the single haunting and eerie but in a very light-hearted way. Whilst listening to the single, you feel like you’re within it, moving with all the dreamy and other world instrumentals. The single can only be described as hauntingly beautiful.

It sounds like extreamly hard work to make a track from scratch off an iPhone, but the master Ryan Smith (BDRMM) know how. If you ask nicely he might even show you a few tricks.

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