Bad Sounds carve their unique vision on ‘Evil Powers’

Bad Sounds

Bad Sounds brothers Ewan and Callum are carving their own unique vision of what pop with the addition of soul and hip-hop influences.

New single ‘Evil Powers’ puts their style on the end of their sleeves, Bad Sounds turn up the funk and lay out the carefree drum beats. Combining Ewan and Callum’s differing styles, they come together create the colourful and unique world that is Bad Sounds.

Obsessed with a mismatched collection of old recording equipment, the brothers started to experiment with different sounds. That’s when found individual style. Whilst Callum developed his songwriting and recording skills working in studios with a range of different artists and genres, Ewan started making hip-hop at 16.

The band said; “Evil Powers is us discovering that every bad thing we’ve ever done was just bad juju. That time I said the worst thing of all was just demons after all.”

‘Evil Powers’ is the fifth track to be featured as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio 1’s. The track is the first to be taken from their forthcoming album due in the summer.

Bad Sounds were picked as ICM’s Ones To Watch for 2018!

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