Artist Spotlight: Youth Killed It

Youth Killed it

It’s very rare that I’ll take music recommendations from someone who’s main taste in genre is pop punk. As anyone who knows me personally knows, not a fan overall. So when a friend recommended ‘Youth Killed It’ as somewhat of a hybrid of our tastes, I realised I had to put them in this segment sometime or another.

Youth Killed itYou may have seen the name Youth Killed It floating about recently. The group have been working with This Feeling a lot recently and just made it through to Pirate Studio’s final ten of their Pirate Prodigy programme. However, if you don’t know them here’s a quick rundown.

Are you a fan of Don Broco? Are you a fan of the Wombats? Are you a fan of The Streets? If you answered yes to any of those questions you’ll love Youth Killed It. Their blend of spoken vocals, fast and slick guitar riffs, and a sense of the tales of an angsty youth all come together to form one of the most exciting new bands in the country. They’ve taken all the best parts of different genres and brought them together to create this masterpiece of a band.

Want more Wombats style? “Where did I go wrong?” Is the track for you which has upbeat style and the fun harmonies you’ll fall in love with. If you’re into the heavier side, “(Jean Claude) Van Mann” which is the best song name in the world and an incredible track full of power. You want that spoken vocal The Streets vibe? The song “Islands” portrays this beautifully. Whilst it may seem like they’re jumping about in styles, they all fit with the band’s vibe perfectly and just hit at different notes which shows incredible diversity whilst being true to their sound.

I can’t speak more highly of this band and if you don’t believe me, go see them live. I’ve heard countless stories of them being incredible and an absolute riot.

Youth Killed It Are:

Jack Murphy,
Josh Arter-Taylor,
Carlos Montero,
Josh Thexton,
Ben Ford


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