Artist Spotlight: The Americas

The Americas

Bluesy, old-school tainted rock‘n’roll hits you in the face with full on force the minute you listen to upcoming rock band The Americas.

Their tracks are self-described as ‘music to ride a motorcycle to’ and that’s actually a brilliantly accurate reflection of their sound. There’s this soothing coolness to it, with a very classic rock vibe, reminding me a lot of The Rolling Stones.

Their tracks ooze confidence and attitude, which is so key to rock‘n’roll, and they have this sharp fresh image with the American flag and classic red and blue colours adding a quirky retro look to their entire branding. The Americas have this old school retro aura to them, as well as being one of the coolest most exciting new upcoming bands I know of. They fuse vintage American desert rock‘n’roll imagery with edgy and raw British post-punk, and only they could pull this of.

The Birmingham three-piece are made up of Alex, Harry and Aaron, and they’re seriously good. Their riffs are blaring and raucous and catchy, and you can tell the rich collection of influences over the band, going from blues to 60s rock‘n’roll to more classic punk.

I caught the band live at London’s Water Rats back in March and was honestly blown away- to see such a fresh, upbeat young rock band with such a rich vibrant sound to them was honestly a privilege. Something exciting is happening in British rock music right now; the youth are seizing all the opportunities they can get to create a rock-music based riot.

Bands like False Heads, Rosko, BlackWaters and Sisteray are just a few who are leading this little revival, and featuring on that (ever so dazzling) list are The Americas, 100%. The band create messy raw riffs, packed with grit and gravel and authentic rock power; bluesy eccentricity and effortlessly abrasive style just come hand in hand with this band. There’s something very special about The Americas, and you’d be mad to overlook them.

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