Artist Spotlight: Last of the Wonder Kids

Artist Spotlight: Last of the Wonder Kids

Fuzzy indie music is one of my all one favourite things as friends, coworkers, and readers alike will know. SO, of course, this week’s Artist Spotlight definitely has major fuzzy tones.

Last of the Wonder Kids are one of those bands where you go “how the hell aren’t they more well know?” Then again they’re from Grimsby and I’m not sure people generally want to go there given the town name.

The band have an EP released last year called “In Waves” and little under a month ago released a single called “Play Nice” so plenty enough to dig into while leaving you desperately wanting more.

There’s something so beautifully simple and yet strangely complex about their sound. Tracks like “Next of Kin” and “Wax” show their fuzzy sounds of the indie rock persuasion off. However then something else is there, it’s like like hints of The Cure and Britpop are embedded into the sounds that also draw massively from modern indie. This blend of 80s/90s style indie with more modern indie rock/pop create this stunning brand.

It is absolutely possible to listen to Last of the Wonder Kids and imagine it as part of the soundtrack to your life. This feel good upbeat fuzzy indie pop/rock is just so good.


Alexander Brown: Drums

Lorna Findlater: Bass

Ash Kershaw: Guitar

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