Amber Run give us ‘Perfect’ ahead of new album

Amber Run

Ahead of the release of their second album later on this month, Nottingham four-piece Amber Run have given us an idea of what to expect with new song, ‘Perfect’.

The songs lyrics speak of Karma and aspiring to be exceptional. ‘Perfect’ combines soft layered vocals in the verses with guitar heavy chorus where lead singer- Joe Keogh- sounds almost tortured with a longing to be perfect.

For me, what makes the song such a good choice to preface the album with is the extremely catchy 2 line bridge. Ending with the plea, ‘please pay what I’m owed’, the repeated couplet with a more minor tone is memorable and unique.

The band are currently touring the U.K. with their first album, the next location being the o2 forum in Kentish Town on 25th of February.

Amber Run’s new album- ‘For a Moment, I Was Lost’- is out February 10th. ‘Perfect’ is available to buy or stream now.

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