Song Of The Week: Baby Strange – Motormind

Baby Strange

Back after their successful debut album ‘Want It Need It’, Baby Strange are back with their new single ‘Motormind’.

The Glaswegian trio have been very quiet in recent months, but for good reasons. They are releasing their new EP, ‘Extended Play’ in July and the first track ‘Motormind’ off their upcoming EP.

Within the track you’ll hear frontman Johnny Madden snarl in anger at the ‘norm’ and how it burdens us all in sooner or later. In its approach you’ll see new targets and new goals from Baby Strange.

This is no longer the band who makes small stages drip with sweat, they’re building songs for something bigger and this track is evidence of that. A rightly deserved track as our Song Of The Week.

The full track listing is as follows:
1. Motormind
2. No Coin To Play
3. Bring Me Down

4. Play Me
5. Young Team
6. Mess

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