PINS collaborate with legend Iggy Pop


Manchester female quintet PINS are to release their upcoming EP ‘Bad Things’ on March 24th.

Singer/guitarist Faith Holgate, guitarist Lois McDonald, bassist Anna Donigan, and drummer Sophie Galpin return after their second album, released in the summer of 2015.

Their teaser track for the new EP ‘Aggrophobe’ features the punk legend that is Iggy Pop. How did they manage to pull this off!

“They sent me a good song and they’re looking for a narration in it, and I liked their music and their picture, so I’m doing that.” He said pop talking about the track with i-D.

The ladies explain;”‘Aggrophobe’ is the wild card from our EP. The video was filmed partly at the director’s studio in Ancoats and partly at one of our favourite pubs on Oldham Street called Gulliver’s. We’re backstage waiting to go on to play a show, whilst the other acts are doing their thing.”


Bad Thing
All Hail
In Nightmares
Dead Souls

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