Rat Boy

RAT BOY is back at it again with two brand new tracks from his new mini EP titled ‘Revolution’; a two track big chorus rap attack with thought provoking lyrics about the dealing with the troubles of being apart of the KFC Generation and in particular RAT BOY fashion, self loathing.

RAT BOY is continuously updating his industrial trashy sounds with further exploration of a more manufactured synthetic noise, whilst still staying true to his chaotic and ill natured melodic theme. He is as rude as they come and we don’t want him to change a single bit.

However, I feel as though the Boy of Rats needs to distance himself from the contemporary/serious direction. I never felt like he needed to try and be different. But I can’t help feeling like maybe he’s trying too hard? Maybe it’s the indie purest in me wanting him to stay cool and out of the spotlight… I think he’s better than big choruses and appeasing a mainstream idealism. I want his music to stay crazy and “out there”.

Make sure you check him out on his Spring tour:

Rat Boy UK Tour

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