Discover: Pink Light – Catharsis

Pink Light

New synth wave and indie rock band Pink Light have released their second single ‘Catharsis’.

The artist, based in Los Angeles, California is the work of Jonathan Kreimerman and help from Phillip Miller (guitar), Krysse Barbosa (bass) and Takaki Nakamura (drums) to record the single.

Being described as songs inspired by your class of ’87 high school prom night, ‘Catharsis’ is dreamy and melancholic, the track connects with you emotionally.

Talking about the track, the band said: “’Catharsis’ taps into the melancholy one feels the moment someone close walks away. At first, losing people may feel like the loss of something bigger.

“I wrote this song to reflect on my initial emotions. As we evolve, we create new bonds while weakening others. It’s a difficult thing to accept early on but one thing I made a point to show in the music video for ‘Catharsis’ is that after everything we’ve experienced, we end with a smile.

“Everything is okay at the end and all we need is a little release to help us move on from these failed connections.”

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