Discover Edinburgh trio Lost in Vancouver

lost in vancouver

Lost in Vancouver are an up and coming band from Edinburgh. Formed in 2014, their take on indie rock oozes passion and creativity mixed with a penchant for writing infectious bangers that could tear up an indie disco. The band released two tracks in 2017, which demonstrated their potential perfectly: the melancholic ‘Robyn’ and the rockier ‘Break.’

On both tracks, the production is mesmerising, showing their ambition to play in bigger arenas. Take ‘Break’ for example. An upbeat floor filler, it features creative fast drumming and a vigorous energy. Both these components blend into an extremely catchy chorus: “Sometimes we all break.” Lyrically it tells the story of the protagonist lamenting the errors of a drunken night. It’s told with the passion and conviction we’ve come to expect from Lost in Vancouver, while the lively riff towards the end shows that this is a band who means business.

‘Robyn’ was released last month. It’s an emotive relaxed affair, again displaying the stellar production. The funky bassline matches with the massive vocals, while the lyrics are a reflection of a messy break-up with clever wordplay: “You’re addictive like a drug / but we can never be in love like we used to.”

Lost in Vancouver are currently working on new music in 2018. They’re a great band who always delivers when it comes to writing massive choruses, so if you like your indie rock with honesty and a lot of energy, keep a beady eye on them this year.

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