Album Review: Little Comets – Worhead

Little Comets

Newcastle’s iconic indie trio Little Comets have finally released their 4th studio album ‘Worhead’ after a few setbacks on perfecting the album.

Previous album ‘Hope Is Just a State Of Mind’ was a thing of beauty and Little Comets have done it again with ‘Worhead’, their constant creative talent and overall attitude to creating music is still one of the most unique bands out their creating indie music. Little Comets have taken a slightly different approach to this album and here’s why.

The album kicks off to a strong and powerful start with ‘Worhead’ with their funky jangly guitar rock over Robert Coles’ vocals same as ‘The Great Outdoors’ continuing their fast, smooth guitars with Roberts’ soft echoy vocals that we’ve seen in previous albums has never failed to impress yet. Like most of their track since the beginning ‘The Man Who Wrote Thriller’ are lyrically progressive and gradually picks up the pace, only this time it is accompanied by strange samples and a keyboard from Grandfather Birds’ frontman Matt Saxon.

Their released singles for the album ‘Common Things’ and ‘Hunting’ carries on their classic soft guitar and some difficult and complicated lyrics to sing along to, but that is what makes their sound so special and unique. The sound reminds me a lot of ‘The Blur, the Line & the Thickest Onions’. A slow track to get your teeth into.

À Bientôt – the French for ‘see you soon’ – is completely different to their usual style. Robert’s brother Michael Coles on the electric guitar and drums over lead singer’s lyrics makes a thrilling track tailing off at the end to give the rest of the band to show off their skills for the last minute of the track. ‘The Redeemer’ is heavily based around Nathan Greene on drums producing a strong bass line. Roberts keeps his voice high pitched, adding a contrast to the heavy bass drum. Little Comets have given yet another love song with a female title – ‘Louise’. For majority of the track it’s low tempo with a strong punchy chorus ‘Break Break’ – similar to ‘The Redeemer how it has nice vocal peaks and similar guitar chords.

‘The Seven Ages Of Man’ and final track ‘Same Lover’ barely include any music; the faint sound of the Michael’s guitar in ‘…Ages Of Man’ and Matts keyboard in ‘Same Lover’, gives you a chance to just close your eyes and take in their well-structured lyrics.

Overall, Little Comets have combined the old with the new to curate a new edge to their music and most importantly they have given the fans something a little different. I’ve enjoyed listening to this album and have spent hours listening to ‘Worhead’, a special album from a band that has created a sound like no other.

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