2018 Ones To Watch #28 – Willie J Healey

Willie J Healy

Willie J Healey quickly became the UK’s answer to Mac DeMarco and Weezer all rolled into one joint and smoked out of the fattest wedge of raspberry paper you’ve ever seen.

Willie J Healey is a ginger cap wearing Indie dream-boi with the soft voice to match and a love for doggos that’ll make the inner woofer inside you weep with joy. It’s relaxing, it’s soft, it’s sad and it’s incredibly emotive. But to be oxymoronic, it also packs a thoughtful and almost ninja-like bludgeoning and crazed guitars.

Healey and his band had quite the year in 2017. After being discovered at the renowned Flying Vinyl Festival, releasing the album, playing Truck Festival and gaining global recognition for his all-round craftsmanship and artistic form.

For a guy that started releasing tracks back in 2015 with his debut EP HD Malibu (recorded entirely in his garage by himself) and later in the same year another EP called Saturday Night Feeling. This was where his name started gaining some traction before his 2016 release Hey Big Moon.

After countless appearances in 2017, I can only see Healey being pushed heavily in 2018 by Sony music to play large venues, huge support slots and even climbing up the ranks at festivals across the globe.

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