This Feeling ‘Big in 2018’ @ Nambucca


As anyone who’s ever tried to put on a gig knows, it is hard work. A lot of hard work. For anyone who hasn’t tried to put on a gig, now you know. So for This Feeling to put on such a good night is a credit to not only them as a well organised group, but a credit to them artistically as well.

With NINE bands, and a DJ set until 5am after, This Feeling have surely set off the year to a good start. Let’s face it, 2017 was a bit wank so we needed this.

Calva louise

Calva Louise by Toby Henley

The night opened with Lucie Barat who is slowly but surely making some waves in the scene. Instantly her voice carried through the entire venue and it was beautiful, what an opening act, blending her beautiful vocals and lyrics with some great indie rock to back it. Following on from Lucie Barat were The Surrenders, a band I’d yet to hear, however now can’t get enough of. The Surrenders are bringing 60s rock back in a huge way, with perfect beautiful guitar solos, funky bass lines, and a vocalist who could blow your socks off, they truly are ones to watch.

Next up we find indie darlings Calva Louise. Making a good name for themselves, Calva Louise absolutely nailed this show and were absolutely lovely to talk to. Previewing the crowd with some future releases and their two prior singles the band captivated the audience ready for the next act. Hitting up the stage next are AVALANCHE PARTY, another act I’d yet to know personally, but one I’ve been hooked to since. They absolutely matched the energy of Calva Louise and at times pushed even further.

Gracing the stage next brought Hey Charlie. The three-piece of girls in red skirts and white tops surely throw anyone who doesn’t listen to them already but with prior spotlights and interviews from us here at ICM as well as this gig slot, it’s extremely clear to see why they were chosen to be part of such an elite assembly of bands. I heard a lot of people that night go ‘who’re Himalayas?’ but never again will they say that, because from now on they could easily be your favourite band. Followed shortly by SHEAFS, who absolutely destroyed the crowd. With the first proper mosh and circle pit of the night, SHEAFS really grabbed the audience by the neck and wrung them dry, they killed it and left the crowd eagerly awaiting the final two acts and headliners of the night.

Anteros come on and the crowd is wild. With their great audience reaction and songs you can’t help but dance to, Anteros really captivate the crowd. Laura Hayden, their lead, brought several girls up onto the stage to dance to ‘Bonnie’ their second latest release. Anteros really are going to make 2018 their year, and huge things are ahead.

Finally, the stage was blessed by JUDAS. If you know them, they need no words, but if not all I can say about JUDAS is go see them as soon as you can. A truly worthy band to headline the Big in 2018 class.

The night sold out, a testament to the bands and to This Feeling. If anything can be said about them, its that This Feeling put on a damn good night, with nine damn good bands.

Hey Charlie

Hey Charlie by Toby Henley

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