Artist Spotlight: La Bête Blooms

La Bete Blooms

It’s a great feeling to be back writing this article again, especially because since the last Artist Spotlight, we’ve had plenty of opportunities to not only discover new music but also being sent music to consider. This week we look at one of the most exciting and promising bands around, La Bête Blooms.

In the depths of Hull, you can find some great things, including venues like Fruit, the huge aquarium The Deep, and an insanely good music scene which could easily be headed by La Bête Blooms. With raucous riffs, heavy drumming, and beautifully crafted punk vocals, there’s no wondering why they’re getting so much hype.

Self-described as “Slowdive meets the Pixies thrown in with a bit of Kurt Cobain’s insecticide guitar sound” the band have pretty much nailed that on the head. There are also similarities to contemporary bands like Fizzy Blood, Vant, and Demob Happy.

The group have been going since 2013 and have plenty to listen to in the form of EPs and singles. This includes new single ‘Take Arms’, riddled with social commentary and insanely catchy riffs. There’s so much power in La Bête Blooms’ sound, from their gut punching bass, to 80s synth, to the loud punky vocals.

This band have plenty going for them and with newest member Emily joining, the band have really solidified their sound. The addition of female vocals and synth just sets it in stone and shows how refined they can be.

The band have a few gigs in the coming weeks and if recording alone tells someone is anything it’s that their gigs are going to be sweaty, loud, and incredibly fun.

Thursday 19th April – the castle, Manchester
Tuesday 1st May – the lending room, Leeds
Thursday 3rd May – the polar bear, Hull


Daniel Mawer – vocals, guitar
John Copley – guitar
Emily Moulton – vocals, keys
Jack Gallagher – bass
Josh Meredith – drums

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